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Gardens greyhound racing is a class above many others in Australia. Few other clubs can boast the same commitment from business professionals as well as financial backing from corporate sponsors. Few others have had the luxury of redevelopments or are blessed with such a prime location either. Because of these…

The Gardens greyhounds

The popularity of greyhound racing continues to increase all over Australia. The Newcastle suburb of Wallsend located 11 kilometres from Newcastle’s central business district has one of the most iconic racing tracks known as The Gardens Greyhound Sporting Complex whose greyhound events are popular with greyhound racing wagers.

Town location

The Gardens Greyhounds

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Wallsend, Newcastle began as a mining town and was named after a Northern England coal mining township. The area had two mining towns known as Wallsend and Plattsburg. Being more developed, Wallsend was proclaimed a separate municipality in early 1874 but was rejoined to Platttsburg by 1915. The coal mined at Wallsend being of very high quality, the township prospered and in the process evolving into the commercial and residential hub it is today.

Greyhounds and racing

Greyhound racing is a sport whereby greyhounds race by chasing an artificial hare or rabbit round a track. The first greyhound past the finish line is declared the winner. Other than the prize money that goes to the winning greyhound, persons that correctly predict the winning dog can place bets also win.

Though the first recorded attempt at racing greyhounds on a straight track was made in 1876, the sports’ current recognizable form that features circle and oval tracks came about after the invention of the artificial hare in 1912 by Owen Patrick Smith. In Australia, the sport is run by the Australia Greyhound Racing Association. Greyhound racing takes place every Mondays and Saturdays through out the year with The Gardens Greyhound being one of the most prestigious venues.

Betting to win

Gambling by placing bets on greyhound racing now offers rich pickings similar to the bets placed on horse racing. For Australians, your geographical location is no longer a limiting factor since you can place your bets online for the Gardens greyhounds events races. The Gardens Greyhound & Sporting Complex has greyhound races on Wednesdays and Fridays. The facility is reputed to be one of the leading greyhound facilities in the world.

In keeping with the times, details of the Gardens greyhounds racing participants are available online through sports betting websites.